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Out-of-Character Information

Name: Tabris
Are you over 15?: I'm legal, yo.
Time Zone: CST
Personal Journal: ...none?
Reliable Method of Contact: plurk tumblr aim: toska.island @gmail
Other characters in the game: None
Link to slot request if 6th, 7th slot: N/A

Tegaki: ???
Anything Else?: I've never used dw before this and I've never done journal rp. I've been rping on forums for a few years now.

In-Character Information

Name: Robin
Game/Series: Fire Emblem: Awakening
Teacher/Student/Other: Teacher
Canon Point: Post-game, before being rediscovered by Chrom and Lissa. This Robin married Chrom, which means that she is the mother to both Lucina and a male Morgan. I figured that this was acceptable because fe:a is canonically a multiverse. If we get a Chrom/Lucina/Morgan, they can have their own family members if they choose. 
Age: 21 (no canon age, given for the purposes of rp)
Grade Level/Class Taught/Job: Tactics instructor
Dorm or Living Arrangement: Dorm


The entire application is a spoiler, sorry.

The world had certainly dealt Robin a messy hand, but she never let that stop her before. 

That's what she had believed for a long time. That was before she learned that a Robin from another timeline had slaughtered her friends and brought apocalyptic ruin to the world that they had all bled to protect. She surrounds herself with the friends who will tell her 'no, that isn't you' while her daughter will tell her 'no, not yet'. She's a friend and a sister-in-arms. She's a mother, a wife, an in-law. She's the tactician of the Shepherds and the Queen of Ylisse. More importantly, her father would tell her, she's the vessel to the felldragon that will blanket their world in ash. Nothing else matters except for the life purpose that she never knew she had. 

Forget it, she'll make those bonds weigh heavier than destiny's shackles. 

Let's rewind to Robin's earliest memory, the day that the Shepherds had found her lying in an open field. It was a time when destiny was not such a heavy burden on her shoulders. A time when fewer lives depended on her (rather considerable) ability to turn a battle around. Some might joke that Robin had imprinted on Ylisse's motley army like a baby duck, but her power was real. She fights and laughs with the rest of them, and they lend her strength that is greater than the sum of their parts. 

In turn, she lends them hers. 

Monarchs have nothing but praise for Robin's talent, but she knows that she could not have possibly accomplish their victories without Chrom, the beacon who unites them all. He is the one who shows them that they did not need the same motivations to fight together, and Robin merely builds off what he has ignited. In those dark days, all that Robin knows of peace are the lazy mornings in the barracks and the warm glow of Fredrick's campfires in the evenings. Chrom speaks of Exalt Emmeryn's dream with such pride - this is what they fight for. A peace that is worth all the blood that they must cleanse from their swords. It is a dream that fills Robin with a sense of purpose that never existed before the Shepherds had found her on that fateful day. What is a tactician without one? If anything, the enemies of Ylisse should not fear just her blades, magic, and tactics. What they should truly fear is the clarity of her purpose.

She fits in swimmingly with the rest of the group. Not only is Robin somewhat blithe, but she also has a strong sense of self-awareness. Both of these are qualities that were essential to her rise to Ylisse's chief tactician, scouted by khans and tyrants alike. She keeps her expectations realistic, but she doesn't allow other people's idea of what's feasible hinder her vision of victory. Sometimes keeping a level head means coming off as a tad carefree, but Robin has always believed in tried and true formulas. Whenever she feels unusually nervous about a campaign, she can be seen hunching over with her favorite blue tactics treatise. Robin has faith in her ability, but she knows that those moments of doubt can sometimes be what keeps the army alive. 

Being a jack-of-all-trades means that Robin is able to support the weaknesses of her allies, an asset that she uses to strengthen the trust between them. Despite her position, she's no helicopter mom. Understanding her allies means that she doesn't have to micromanage. She isn't the same caliber of leader that Chrom is. She's filled with a cool logic, rather than the heated passions that their leader inspires. Robin is essentially the negative space that fills everything that the positive space cannot touch. The tactician exists to make the army whole. Robin has no doubt that she would be something vastly different if she walked a path to peace by herself -- a path that might not have even existed.

She works hard, of course. Robin would push herself to read up on tactics and strategy for long nights, but she's learned how to put her feet up with time. Having faith in her friends means that she should have faith that the barracks would be left standing if she left them alone for a few hours. If every man and woman in the army would put their lives in her hands, then it's only fair that she should trust them enough to allocate them the burdens of running a campaign. Together, the Shepherds are a well-oiled machine, and Robin is both the mechanic and a cog. 

Robin is a rather likable woman who is capable of making people from all walks of life open up to her (as evidenced by the fact that she can support with every character in the game). She exhibits basic courtesy and modesty around those who demand it, but her wit comes more easily around those whom she considers to be close comrades. Her position as the consort of Ylisse means that she can even manage passable court etiquette (not to Maribelle's standards, mind you), but she's more comfortable with what Feroxi khans would call "plain speech". She's a good mix for getting along with both battle-weary veterans and fun-loving tricksters. She considers it her job to connect with all the soldiers, but she also believes in the worth of friendship for its own sake. Merely tolerating different points of view is not enough to strengthen their army; utilizing them all effectively is key to Robin's strategy. 

She's not all seriousness. She's also rather down to earth. There's not a task that she considers to be beneath her, as can be seen from her support with Laurent, and Noire considers her to be a surrogate mother of sorts to the army. She realizes that she doesn't always come off as the most feminine woman, but that doesn't stop her from trying to improve that aspect of herself (dried seaweed, Anna's facial cream, Maribelle's lessons). There's no such thing as too much self improvement. 

It takes a lot to freak her out, considering the sort of folk that she's been directing for years. Despite (or maybe because of) her elevated status as the head tactician, she takes extreme care not to antagonize any of her allies. Robin is pretty good about reserving judgement. One could almost say that she's the sort of woman who would fit in anywhere. At the same time, she can sincerely say that she feels more at home with the Shepherds than anywhere else. She believes that her return after Grima's demise is only physical testament to this. 

She probably wasn't always like this, of course, but canon does not provide any hints of her childhood personality. Or anything from before her amnesia, even. FE:A is kind of lame awesome like that. Which is why I kind of took some facts from the parallel timeline and deduced that Robin's childhood must have Sucked Ballsacks since her mother felt the need to defect from the state religion and steal her away from her father, Validar. The Robin that didn't forget all about her past ended up killing everyone she loves and reducing the world to dust and ashes. I personally headcanon that the badfuture!Robin did believe that the world's ruin was unchangeable destiny, which lead to a lot of unresolved turmoil when Chrom married her in Lucina's timeline. It was enough to shake her faith in the strength of their cause. Robin isn't enough of a martyr to throw her life and talents into what she believes to be a doomed course of action. 

Robin's not as distressed about her amnesia as she could be, though. She doesn't see a point in fretting about the unchangeable past, not until she can see the relevance to the present. That's what she has to work with to bring about the best outcome. She's more concerned about the objectives that matter to Chrom than glorious victories in battle. At the same time, Robin is extremely conservative with the lives that she directs. As noted in her chess game with Virion, she would rather take the risk of defeat upon herself than risk the lives of the soldiers. This can lead to a lot of self blame, as evidenced after the death of Emmeryn and the theft of the Fire Emblem. She does not take the Shepherds' trust for granted, so every loss is an extremely heavy blow. At the same time, she considers her position as the head tactician to be the greatest honor that she bears willingly. To the point that a rivalry forms when Aversa attempts to 'usurp' her position. 

To Robin, the most important thing that kept her true to her path was Chrom's unwavering trust in her, even before they were married. He believed in her ability even as her plans failed to save Emmeryn. He believed in her goodness even as Validar revealed her to be his daughter. He believed in her strength even as she stabbed him in the torso with a lightning blade. She rewards this faith a hundredfold, beyond anything that she could achieve by her own faith. Of course, this doesn't remain so for the entire course of the story. Grima forces a heritage that competes with the bond that she has with the halidom. She's not quite as optimistic as Chrom. Something has to give, and it's the tactician's responsibility to decide how to distribute their losses. It is a weighty responsibility that she does not want to divulge to any other person. They deserved better than that. 

It's during the final battle that Robin realizes that there is no such thing as the "right answer" in war, but only the choices that she is willing to live with. When she frames it like that, the future that she chooses is obvious. Sacrificing a single life needlessly was never how she planned their battles. Robin doesn't only see the population that is written in Ylisstol's records. She sees millions of men and women whose stories are yet to be told. To think that her life weighed the same would be closer to delusion, rather than arrogance. She will not become her father. She's Robin, and she always will be. 

Like almost everyone else in FE:A, Robin has strong maternal instincts towards her children. She keeps a respectful distance with Lucina, but craves her daughter's love nevertheless. She is a lot more open with her affections towards her son, who returns the sentiment at all times. She does love both of her children equally, but proximity and affection are two different things. Robin tries not to let that bother her too much. As long as Lucina is aware of her mother's love, Robin figures that she cannot complain. 


Wikia page
Incomplete supports page (I have unlocked more supports on my game than the ones listed, however)
Full story scripts

Most of Robin's past is my personal headcanon. All that is known for sure is that she was born to become a meatsuit for the fell dragon Grima, a fate that her ex-Grimleal mother had not wanted for her. Her mother steals her away from Plegia at the age of three, and she develops her tactician skills at a young age in order to help them survive. She dies when Robin is fifteen, and the girl wanders the Halidom of Ylisse for three years before Grima finally caught up to her, setting off the events in the game. 

There are some choices in the game that Robin must make. However, these choices only affect the dialogue, and not the outcome of the game. The only exception is the final cutscene.

The first one is the scene in which Gangrel demands the Fire Emblem in exchange for the life of Chrom's sister, Emmeryn.  Robin chooses to give up the Fire Emblem in exchange for Emmeryn's life because she knows Emmeryn. She knows who she is and a little of what she's capable of. She knows what she means to Chrom.That has to be worth more than whatever the Fire Emblem is. 

Regardless of her choice, Emmeryn jumps from the ledge, and they will never know for sure. 

The second choice is Lucina's judgement. When Lucina discovers that Robin can be mind-controlled by Validar, she decides to make an attempt on her mother's life. Robin decides to reject Lucina's judgement. "You ask for too much" Rather, Lucina asked for the wrong thing. 

She did not want her daughter to have to live with matricide for the rest of her life, and Validar was the real enemy. She has a plan, and if it's not the right one, then she'll simply make another. There are more options than the ones that Lucina sees, and removing her despair is the very least that Robin owes her. Lucina lowers Falchion, and Robin has to wonder, do you trust me? Do you trust me with your future?

She watches the interaction between her daughter and her husband and decides 'no'. Chrom is freedom. Chrom is a promise. Robin merely represents the shackles that hold her daughter back. She doesn't think that it's hard to understand how Lucina feels. Once upon a time, Chrom had meant the same thing to Robin. Even now, that has not changed.

The third choice comes after the final battle against Grima's forces. Naga has been clear about their options. If Chrom should strike the final blow, then the fell dragon would be put to sleep for a thousand years. If Robin were to strike the final blow, then she would die along with the fell dragon. 

"There is...a chance you could survive, but it is small indeed. You have bound your heart to those of many others in this world. If those bonds prove strong enough, they may yet keep you in this reality. However, not even a thousand human friendships surpass the dragon's grip. In truth, you will almost certainly cease to exist."

She will be alright, Robin tells herself. Not because she believes that their bonds guarantee her safe passage, but because she can protect her children. She can protect everyone else's children and ensure that the alternate future is naught but a bad dream. No matter what the others sacrifice, it's not something that anybody else can ensure. She is the only one who can deliver them their peace. 

She tells Chrom the lie that he wants to hear. "We'll think of another way"

Death is more liberating than she could have imagined. Like Chrom, she's always been doubting. Is she doing the right thing? Is she fighting for the right reasons? There is no hesitation when she delivers the killing blow to the fell dragon. There was never any room for it.

"May we meet again in a better life"

Naga decides to honor her wish, but the ways of the Outrealms are beyond mortal comprehension. For the time being, the divine dragon has decided to place her in Smash Academy as she figures out how to send Robin back into her own timeline without causing too much disruption in the timeline. Robin doesn't mind, and she has taken up a post at the academy for the time being to pass the time. She's never set foot in the world of military academia before, but it's an experience that could prove beneficial upon her return to her world. She had died to give the world peace from the fell dragon, but men were not so easily silenced. If she could give the future generations her wisdom in an effective manner, then maybe the Shepherds can prolong peace for awhile longer.

Anything Else?:

Robin is a proficient user of tomes and swords, but she tends to favor magic. Her speed stat is her asset, while her luck stat is her flaw. 

Class: Grandmaster

Weapons (can change via reclassing): Tomes (A), swords (A)


(Since Robin can reclass to anything, I only used abilities that she gains through her base Tactician class and promoted Grandmaster class. It might be possible for her to gain new abilities if she ever stumbles upon a Second Seal)

Veteran - Gains experience much faster if paired with another unit
Solidarity - Grants a small boost to crit chance and crit evade to adjacent allies
Ignis - Adds half of Str/Mag to the other stat when attacking
Rally Spectrum - Adds 4 to all stats of nearby units


Rexcalibur - Devastating wind magic
Bolganone - Devastating fire magic
Thoron - Devastating thunder magic
Levin Sword - Deals damage based on Mag, ranged
Killer Sword - High crit chance

In-Character 1st person sample:
Hey, it's been awhile since my last video, hasn't it? It's just that papers don't tend to grade themselves, no matter how much I wish they did! Though I suppose that I don't have anything to complain about when I've been getting more sleep in these past few months than all of last year...

[ Some of her students were... quite the aficionados. Hardly surprising when 'war tactics' was something of a niche field, and Robin wish she had the heart to place a page maximum. At least most of the papers were interesting bedtime reading. ]

You know...this is actually my first teaching position. I don't remember ever attending school as a child -

[She didn't remember anything about her childhood, period. At least she doesn't seem too bothered by it]

- so I can't say much for the pacing or difficulty of the class. Feedback would help a lot, so I'm hoping that I haven't scared away anyone who's in a position to give it. Though I have to say...

[Robin gives a small, knowing smile]

Some of my students seem to be seeking quite the challenge. Nobody is blatant about it, but I can already see what amounts to a declaration of war on a few of these assignments. These students are quite cheeky...rather like my son, actually. I wonder if he is well.

[To be honest, Robin will sometimes look over to the desks of some particularly gifted students and visualize Morgan sitting in that seat. But it's merely fantasy, isn't it? Her family is in a place that only Naga can reach ]

Anyway, I do have work to get back to. See you next week!

[ The screen fades out ]

In-Character 3rd person sample:

Robin didn't look twice at the Pokemon or the anthromorphic objects that walked down the halls anymore. As far as Robin was concerned, suspending disbelief was practically a survival tool here. She certainly wouldn't call herself complacent, but being hung up on small details like the number of feet or heads of her colleagues rarely proved to be productive in the long run.

Robin weaves through the crowds with some ease and settles into the flow of the food line. Whatever the dining hall was serving, it smelled pretty good. Then again, her preferred palette wasn't anything that was more complicated than "when Sully or Kjelle weren't on kitchen duty". She will admit that it's nice to not have to forage for food out of necessity. The winter months had always been difficult on the Shepherds' food supply, and being the manager of the army's inventory would take a heavier toll on Robin during those cold months.

"The daily special, please" Robin had already decided that she would rather go a la carte when she had finally worked out a monthly budget. Which actually required her to stay for at least a month to understand the cost of living at Final Destination City.

Splush. The meat is scooped sloppily onto her tray, and she peers at it curiously. She will admit that the meat seems a tad mysterious, but Robin doubts that it's anything that she hasn't eaten before. She looks up to thank the server when she realizes that the server is a ... bipedal bear. She watches him add vegetables to her tray. A shapeshifter, perhaps? She doesn't have very long to contemplate the question when the next person in line starts glaring at her, made all the more effective by his crimson eyes.

Ah, right. She is holding up the queue, isn't she? Although she feels that the students could afford to have more tact, Robin moves on without a word. Eating without her family beside her is another new experience, but that didn't mean that she wouldn't gain new valuable ones. Robin pays for her lunch and starts scouring for an open seat.


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